Visitor's guide & catalogue

Visitor's guide

The visitor's guide to Through the Eyes of Bruegel is a booklet in handy pocket format with a fold-out map of the walk, a brief explanation about the artists and their installations, information about the heritage sites, a game for children and a number of discount vouchers for local shops. With colour images and illustrations by Lukas Verstraete.

  • Available in three languages (NL, FR, EN)
  • Price: € 10 (€ 2 with the 'Participatiepas')
  • Available in the visitor pavilion (start point) and at these sales outlets



The catalogue offers more in-depth content by presenting a historical and current story of the constructed landscape, of the narrative landscape (Bruegel as the commentator of his time), the urbanised landscape and the productive landscape.

  • Bilingual edition (NL / ENG)

  • Price: € 30

  • Available in the visitor pavilion (start point) and bookshops. Editor: curator Stefan Devoldere. Published by Stichting Kunstboek. ISBN 978-90-5856-623-2